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Our Wood Species

Indian Rosewood (Sheesham)

The Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia sissoo), also known as Sheesham, is a slender tree with deciduous leaves that is native to the north of India, Pakistan and other places. It can grow to a height of 25 m and has a diameter of 2-3 m. Its core is dense, resistant and very hard, which makes it ideal to build furniture. The pale, yellowish color of the sapwood strongly contrasts with the color of the core, which can range from chocolate to purplish brown. Furthermore, the wood veining is very unpredictable and has an extremely soft texture, which allows obtaining exceptional pieces of furniture and decorative objects. Indian Rosewood is also commonly used for veneering and in the manufacturing of musical instruments such as the Khartal, which is used by Rajasthani musicians.



The acacia is a tropical tree that grows quickly; it’s native to South America and Central America. This huge tree that can grow up to 20 m high was introduced to the whole region of Southeast Asia. It’s hard, resistant wood, fine grain and tint, as well as the great hue variation between the core wood and the sapwood, produce pieces of furniture and sculptures with exceptional colors. The huge size of the tree and the structure of its wood in fine stripes of crossed grain allow the manufacture of breathtakingly sized tables. In short, this noble wood with numerous qualities is the ideal material to craft exceptional pieces of furniture.



The Tamarind (Tamarindus indica) is a medium-sized tropical tree made of hard wood. It’s indigenous to Africa but it was introduced centuries ago in India and then spread all over Southeast Asia. It’s a medium-sized tree with a long lifespan. Its score is quite hard and resistant to impacts and parasites, which makes it a deal for manufacturing floorboards or dining tables. Its unique grain and its color that goes from brown to dark red, ensure the crafting of unique pieces of furniture.

Mango wood

The Mango tree (Mangifera indica L.) is a tree native to East India and Myanmar. This tree is mainly cultivated for its fruit but it’s usually cut off after seven years because it stops yielding after this period. Mango wood is durable and resistant and has a unique grain pattern. It features a light brown color so it’s efficient to subtly warm every room of the house without making the whole decoration look dark. Since Mango wood is extremely dense and hard it’s an excellent material for accessories and small pieces of furniture. Being for the most part a sub product from the food industry, mango wood arises from sustainable harvest.



Teak (Tectona grandis) is a tropical species made of hard wood that grows very quickly. It’s a large tree with deciduous leaves that grow naturally in the mixed forests of South and Southeast Asia. It has been naturalized and then cultivated in several countries in Africa and the Caribbean. Its wood contains oils such as oleoresins, which make it waterproof; as well as a uniform, fine and tight grain that contributes to its great resistance to insects. It features a beige-brown hue that gets slightly darker under light to acquire a deeper color with copper tones. This precious, elegant and rot-resistant wood is ideal for outdoor furniture but also for indoor furniture and decoration objects.